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KHL 16 On The Rise!
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Posted by Cole on January 11, 2016 at 01:27 PM
As promised. KHL 16 is into development stage. 5 teams have already been constructed in the finest of details. Replicated jerseys and colors, goalie look-a-likes, custom stadiums, custom teams, custom jerseys and all 28 teams + a few secret bonus teams this time around. ALL 700+ players are being hand made using a new algorithm designed by myself. We are also using eliteprospects.com for additional info when creating some of the players. We are doing our best to bring you the ultimate product for the final NHL game on the PS3 console.

SUBNOTE: If anyone reading this can convert NHL Legacy Roster files from PS3 to XBOX-360, please contact me via the forum and I will send you the final roster build to convert for the many fans that have patiently waited for this.

Huge thanks to Artem for helping me out. Couldn't do the KHL league without you bro. Cheers!