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Editing Issues - Progress Halted!
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Posted by Cole on February 23, 2016 at 06:09 PM
So, some bad news for everyone. After finalizing all 30 teams, we began the process of "nick naming" teams as always, however in NHL Legacy there is a bug in the programming that prevents 90% of the nicknames from being used. If your confused, those are the names that the announcers use in game. IE: CSKA has always been the "Rockstars". However, that is no longer possible as choosing that option forces the game to choose "undefined" as an error code and removes the teams name and then it choose a random one that is ALWAYS inappropriate.

For example; It names CSKA Anaheim Ducks etc. After that happens, the name can no longer be changed in game and to correct that you have to literally make the team over again. So we are spending a few days locating and choosing new nick names for most of our teams from the 10% that do work.

Anyway, please note that. Former KHL 13 users will just have to get used to new names. New users won't even notice Wink