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NHL 17 on the Rise and NHL16 Playoffs!
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Posted by Cole on October 8, 2016 at 03:48 PM
Well, we have started designing NHL17 for the PS4 and PS4 only, so don't ask about xBox versions please. SKA was the first beta team created and a few demo games have been uploaded to our youtube channel for your viewing pleasure. Check em out, it's awesome!

On a side note to that, it's come to my attention that custom rosters cannot be exported in NHL 17 (that is just fuckin crap). Thanks for fuckin blowing that one EA. So... we will be updating NHL Legacy Rosters from our NHL16 set to replicate NHl17 for those dying to have updated rosters. However, that's wayyy down the road folks. We have NHL 16 season to finish up with first.

Speaking of NHL16. We are really close to the playoffs now. Currently at game 70 and the playoffs start just after game 82.

So stay tuned to EAKHL youtube!